Time limited Counselling

Time Limited Counselling

Time-limited counselling (also referred to as brief/short-term), is a type of counselling that has a fixed ending date and continues for a set number of sessions which are agreed at the outset. It is more appropriate for people who have a clearly identifiable problem which has arisen in the recent past.

The short term nature of the work enables you to focus on the presenting issue and to think through practical ways of addressing it. We will briefly look at how the problems may have come about, but the main emphasis is on finding solutions.

You will work with an identified and dedicated counsellor on a weekly basis. Sessions last for 50 minutes and take place on the same day and at the same time each week.

If you feel that you would like or need to continue with your counselling beyond these initial fixed number of sessions, then you can move onto open ended counselling.



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