Skills Certificate

At Catalyst we provide an integrated programme of training, including our 'Introduction to Counselling Skills' course, which can lead on to the 'Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills' course.

This course is a one year course running through the academic year with a start date in October. It is designed as a stand-alone course, but can also lead on to our 'Clinical Diploma' course.

Course Aims:

  • Students will have developed the basic skills and knowledge pertinent to counselling and psychodynamic counselling - see course content below.
  • Students will be able to recognise patterns in behaviour within themselves and others.
  • Students will have a working understanding of basic theory about human growth and development.
  • Students will have developed a working knowledge and practice of counselling skills.
  • Students will have an awareness of working and living in a multicultural society where differences are acknowledged and worked with sensitively.


Course Content:  

  • Active listening, paraphrasing, and reflecting back.
  • Basic theory of empathy, genuineness, respect.
  • The importance of boundaries and trust in the counselling relationship.
  • Stages of human and psychosocial development.
  • Basic Psychodynamic Counselling Theory.
  • Linking developmental issues to counselling.
  • Experiential group for self-development.
  • Understanding the difference between counselling and helping.
  • Understanding ethical issues and the BPC/BACP Ethical Frameworks.




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