Clinical Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling

We offer a 'Clinical Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling'. This intensive course lasts just over two years and equips you with the professional knowledge, skills and clinical practice to begin working as a psychodynamic counsellor.


Course Aims:

  • To equip trainees with the skills and techniques of the psychodynamic model.
  • To enable each trainee to work with clients towards the goals of psychodynamic counselling.
  • To inform trainees of the limits and the context of the psychodynamic approach.
  • To equip trainees to work as reflective practitioners, and enable them to evaluate the theoretical rationale for the techniques used in this field, within a pluralist culture.
  • To equip trainees to work with difference, within themselves and in the consulting room.


Course Content:

  • The course content and level of learning reflect the deeper knowledge, understanding and experience required to begin clinical practice.
  • Learning is a mix of brief lectures, set reading, discussion, role play and experiential work.
  • There are four main modules of learning: Practice and Technique, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Concepts and Psychopathology.
  • One essay to be completed for each of the four modules, and one project for presentation to the group.
  • A case study to be completed before completion of training.
  • Clinical practice with clients, and supervision is an integral part of the training offered - trainees do not have to seek placements and supervision elsewhere and this is provided for in the fees.
  • Trainees will begin clinical work once deemed ready by themselves, course tutors, personal therapist and supervisor.



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